Sunday, June 29, 2014

Harry Potter Happy Hour!

Earlier this week my boyfriend had a fantastic idea: why not have a Harry Potter Marathon? What better way is there to spend 20 hours than in the Wizarding World with my favorite trio? 

And then I had another idea: why not make Harry Potter inspired FOOD for the marathon? Nothing too fancy or difficult, just some stuff to get us all in a magical mood. So that is exactly what we did, and it turned out great. So now, I thought I would share these witch worthy food ideas with you too!

First I thought about dinner. And of course, the first person I thought of was mother of the year Molly Weasley. The Weasley's are a pretty big family, so she would have to make something that would easily feed a crowd. In the book it is mentioned that she makes onion soup, but I personally was not excited about that idea, so instead I decided to make my Mom's baked potato soup! It is one of my favorite meals in the whole world. It screams of home comfort, so it seemed like a perfect Molly meal. And even better, I already knew how to make it. I think just about any soup would fit the bill for a Molly Weasley dinner, so pick a family favorite to make for yourself!

Okay so that's dinner. But obviously we would need something to drink. And what's a more Harry Potter-esqu drink than butterbeer? This decision was easy.

American confession: I never knew that butterbeer was something J.K. Rowling made up. I had always assumed it was just a thing the UK had that we didn't. But then I went looking for recipes and realized that no one really knew exactly what it was. I did however find a fantastic blogger who had gone to the Wizarding World at Universal Studios and had then done her best to imitate the recipe, and it was pretty damn good. You can find the butterbeer recipe I used here! The cream recipe she came up with is particularly delicious! I'll definitely be making this again.

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Next I turned to snacks. I knew I definitely wanted to make something based on the Hogwarts Houses. I decided on House Cupcakes! I figured 24 cupcakes would be perfect because then we could have 6 for every house. Unfortunately my cupcake wrappers had a different plan.
I finished putting all the wrappers in my cupcake tins only to find the box was a wrapper short. We decided that Gryffindor got enough screen time in the movies so they could do with one less cupcake. 
Next I made the frosting. Now friends, I am not much of a baker. I don't know how to make basically anything. But I'm pretty good at following other people's directions. So I found a recipe for whipped frosting online; you can find it here

After my frosting was whipped and ready to go it was time to turn it into Hogwarts House colors. I just got some regular old food coloring and mixed it into my homemade frosting. Not perfect, but good enough.

After I separated enough frosting out for my cupcakes I mixed some strawberry cream cheese into my leftover frosting and called it fruit dip. It is delicious. Which is why I've basically been just eating it out of the bowl with my fingers...I'm essentially eating cream cheese and sugar and there is no one stopping me. This is what it means to be an adult.

Then just decorate and viola! Hogwarts House Cupcakes! See the little tiny Gryffindor cupcake? We named that one Collin Creevey. Seemed appropriate. 

For some reason I really had my heart set on coming up with drinks inspired by Harry Potter. I didn't want to make a ton, alcohol is expensive, but one or two just for fun. The first I decided on was a Malfoy Martini. To make the martini I took this recipe but substituted Sour Apple Pucker for the the schnaaps because I couldn't find schnaaps and also, as I mentioned, it is expensive. I also only put in 2 tablespoons of vodka because I just did not want a ton of vodka in mine, but that's just me. It turned out great even though the picture of it is mediocre at best. Definitely recommended for the 21 and up Potter fans. 

As a Ravenclaw, I also really wanted to make something specific to my House. What I ended up doing was taking this Goblet of Fire cocktail recipe from this site, modifying it a tad, and turning it into jello. The only changes I made to the cocktail ingredients was swapping out the curacao for UV Blue (so good, sooo good) and omitting the rum. I did however essentially completely ignore the measurements because...well I was making jello. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly how much lemonade we put in, it was a bit of guess and check. We decided on one part vodka and 2 parts UV Blue, but decided afterwards that we could have done with a bit more UV Blue. I'm going to keep playing with this recipe until I get it just right so stay tuned Ravenclaws.

A lot of few unexpected twists popped up Saturday, which snagged the marathon a tad. And by a tad I mean we only ended up watching one movie. We've decided now that we're going to watch a few of the movies every weekend until we finish the series, which means more butterbeer and more chances to mess with my Ravenclaw Jello Shots! 

Do you have any favorite Harry Potter inspired food or drinks? Have a recipe I should try out? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Good idea on making it jello instead of lighting it on fire... that one sounds a little too risky to me! :P


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