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Top 5 Fictional Fathers: Best and Worst

Happy Father's Day too all the fantastic fathers out there (especially my dad and step-dad! you guys rock!)

In honor of father's day I decided to put together a list of who I believe are the best and worst fathers of the fictional world.


This list was so much harder to come up with than it should have been why are there so few fantastic fathers in fiction? Okay here we go.

5. Ned Stark: Game of Thrones

Ned Stark is a beacon of light in a Westeros full of crappy fathers. He allows Arya to be herself, despite her going against every possible convention of what a lady is supposed to act like, even going so far as to find her a sword master to teach her in secret. After he is arrested he would rather die than pledge fealty to Joffrey, who he knows has no right to the throne. But the thought of leaving his daughters alone in King's Landing, the thought of Sansa going through with her engagement to Joffrey, is enough to convince him to do what he must to appease Cersei and her son.

4. Sirius Black: Harry Potter

Sirius may not have had any kids of his own, but he was a fantastic godfather to Harry. He was on the run and he still made sure to keep in touch and to watch out for Harry, who god knows needs as many people watching his back as possible. The first thing Sirius does when he think he is about to have his name cleared is invite Harry to come live with him. And when he realizes Harry is in trouble he races off with the others to the Ministry of Magic, literally the most dangerous place a believed-to-be criminal on the run could go, to save Harry and his friends. Sirius rocks.

3. Bobby Singer: Supernatural

Bobby, like Sirius, never had kids of his own. He did, however, essentially raise Sam and Dean Winchester the best he could during the times they were left with him while their dad went off who knows where. When Sam and Dean are in trouble, it is Bobby they are always able to turn to. He is the one piece of stability in their otherwise unstable life, and he continues to act as their father figure long after they are grown.

2. Maes Hughes: Fullmetal Alchemist

You would be hard pressed to find a man more enamored with his kid than Maes is with his daughter, Elicia. I mean...

It is impossible to have a conversation with him without him spinning off on a 20 minute rant about how perfect and adorable his daughter is.

1. Arthur Weasley: Harry Potter

And topping my list of at number one is Arthur Weasley! The Weasley's never had much, but they certainly made the best of what they had. Arthur is the best of both words: he is serious when he needs to be but isn't afraid to have fun with his kids either. And when Harry just pops up at his house one day he doesn't even question it; he is more than happy to have another smiling face in his house. He (along with Molly, of course) taught his kids that being pure blood wizards doesn't make you better than anyone else, something he holds strong too despite the problems it often causes him at work, especially as the series progresses.

To be honest I'm having a hard time explaining why he's great. He just is. Its just the he has air about him.



So, on this father's day, be grateful that you were not raised by:

5. John Winchester: Supernatural

You would have had your entire childhood dragged through salt as he trained you to be a hunter. Say goodbye to fond memories of home; the only home Dean and Sam ever knew was the back seat of John's Impala. New school every other month and living off cereal and soup in hotel rooms hoping that your dad made it back alive from whatever he was hunting this week. Got a full ride to Stanford despite the awful living conditions you were forced into? Consider yourself disowned. John has a few redeeming moments, but none worthy of getting him pushed off this list, in my opinion.

4. Lord Denethor II: Lord of the Rings

He told Faramir, his youngest son, that he wished Faramir would have died instead of Boromir, Faramir's older brother. He then sent Faramir and all his men on what could only be described as a suicide mission. While leaving, Faramir says to his father "if I should return, think better of me father," to which Denethor responds "that will depend on the manner of your return."

Need I say more?

3. Tywin Lannister: Game of Thrones

Tywin had children for the single purpose of carrying on his all important Lannister Legacy. They are worth his while only while they are being useful. Which is all well and fine if you happen to be his golden boy Jaime, but Tyrion, "the imp," that is a spot you do not want to fill. No matter what Tyrion does, no matter that he stopped King's Landing from falling until Tywin got there, almost dying in the process, Tywin wants nothing more than to be rid of his youngest child. And he has seemingly gotten his wish now that he has happily sentenced Tyrion to death for a crime Tywin knows he did not commit. ((BUT TYRION IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE FINE I AM SURE OF IT...))

2. Fire Lord Ozai: Avatar The Last Airbender

Fire Lord Ozai is fairly similar to Tywin in that he only cares about what his children can do for him. He is slightly different in that when his firstborn, Zuko, was born he planned to throw him over the palace walls because Zuko initially appeared to be a nonbender; he only decided to let Zuko live at the pleading of his wife. Zuko's problems were not over quite yet, however. When he was 13 years old Zuko spoke out against a fire nation general's plans to sacrifice an entire division of new recruits. His father demanded Zuko participate in an Agni Kai, and assuming he would be facing the general, Zuko agreed. Instead, Zuko found himself facing his father; he refused to fight and begged for forgiveness, which Ozai took to be a sign of cowardice and weakness. He responded by burning Zuko's face, leaving him permanently scarred, and banished him.

1. Shou Tucker: Fullmetal Alchemist

Looks like a good guy right? Well this man was desperate to keep his job as a military alchemist, but his research on creating talking chimeras was going no where fast and his evaluation was quickly approaching. So what does Shou do? He merges his daughter with their family dog to create what initially appears to be a talking chimera. Fun fact: for his previous evaluation, he had done the same thing to his wife. And for that, he tops my list as the worst fictional father I can possibly think of.

Is there anyone you would add to these lists?

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