Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mind. Body. Health: Week Two

Things did not go exactly as expected this past week, but I think it still qualifies as successful. I am really enjoying my yoga workouts. I love how I feel after I have finished them, so relaxed and at ease. It is not often I get to experience so quiet a mind so I look forward to it every day. I really think it is a perfect fit for me.

My initial plan had been to alternate every other day between Beginners Yoga and Yoga for Core #1. However, on Tuesday, the first day of doing Yoga for Core, I made a mistake. I attempted to push myself into a partial back-bend (starting from a lying down position, not standing, I'm not completely insane), because I figured that is how you slowly get better, right? You try things, slowly doing more and more as you can. My back had other plans. It seized up immediately and I spent the next minute desperately bending in the other direction trying to get it to let up again, which it did. But it was killing me later that night. I also have what I'm pretty sure is a pinched nerve along my spine, and it did not appreciate my back seizing up like that, so it has been bothering me quite a bit this week too. 

I think I was probably asking for it, to be honest. That nerve has been bothering me for well over a year, and I just kept putting off going to the chiropractor and making excuses about why I couldn't go. Finally my body has decided to force me into it, which is a good thing. This is what I get for not listening to it. I'll be doing my best not to make that mistake again.

So, there was no more Yoga for Core for me the rest of the week. Instead I stuck to the Beginners Yoga so I didn't run the risk of hurting my back again. I also did a few Lunar Flows this week to help me unwind and get ready to go to bed.

I did get up early enough to eat breakfast before work every day, which is quite an accomplishment for me. And of course I biked to and from work every day by default because I have no other options. All in all I think week one went pretty well, aside from the unforeseen anger of my back.

My anxiety was pretty normal this week; I did not notice any major improvements, but I did not have any major spirals either. I have been getting quite a lot of headaches lately, which is not entirely unusual, but they've been happening more often than usual and quite a few of them just came out of nowhere; it felt like someone just jabbed an ice pick through my temple. I'm wondering if they are maybe connected to my back? I'm planning on going to the chiropractor tomorrow after work, so hopefully that will help!

Goals for this Week
  • Alternate between Beginner Yoga Podcast and Sun Salutation Podcast
  • Go to Chiropractor 
  • Eat Breakfast Every Day 
  • Drink One Full Water Bottle Every Day
  • Journal at least 3 Times

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