Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some Days Are Good For No Reason At All; And We Should Celebrate Them

As a person who lives with anxiety and depression, I know that some days are just hard. Some days hurt. Some days just getting out of bed is a challenge. Some days you hate yourself for no reason at all and the very act of existing seems to much to bear.

But then there are days like today. Days where you breathe a bit deeper, laugh a bit harder, and smile a bit wider. Days where you feel good for no reason at all. I think too often people take these days for granted. Maybe it is just because they come less naturally to me; maybe I am more aware of them when they come, but I think days like these need to be celebrated.

The days when I genuinely love myself and feel confident in who I am are huge rays of sunshine bursting through cloudy skies and I am so, so thankful for them. I am working on actively seeking them out, on forcing the clouds apart myself, but it is so much easier said than done. So days like today are beautiful. And I think more people should take the time to appreciate them.

Take a few minutes to revel in the simple happiness. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Take a selfie for Instagram just because. Put on that outfit you love but were too self-conscious to wear. Give yourself an extra scoop of ice cream and don't spare a single thought for the calorie count. You deserve to feel beautiful and amazing every single day, but we all know it's not that easy. So on the days that you do, enjoy it, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. Make a point to celebrate these gifts from the universe. Life is too hard not to.

This post is my celebration of today's gift. Because some days I feel good for no reason at all <3


  1. I love this post! So positive and very true. I've been learning more and more lately to appreciate to good moments and commit them to memory. :)

    I'm glad you had a good day!

    1. I think it is such a great thing to do! It is easy to overlook good days as just normal days, easy not to really notice them. But I think it really helps to have something to hold on to when a bad day comes along, ya know? Especially when you're dealing with depression, you really need to be able to remember that not every day is like this.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Lovely post :') i feel exactly the same, horribly depressed at the moment, one of the worst i've been since i was 14 :/ good days are very rare for me and i hate myself most of the time. i don't think i ever have a full good day. I might have a few good hours :/ so good to read this positive post love :D xoxo

    1. I'm really sorry to hear you're having such a hard time! It really is the worst which is why I really try to embrace the good days when they come. I've been doing a bit better; I think the change of scenery the past few days has really helped.

      Something that I do when it starts to get bad is take a really hot shower and just sit in the tub. The sound of the water drowns everything else out and the steam makes me kinda sleepy so my thoughts drift away from whatever horrible things the voice in my head is shouting at me. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but it always helps me, so it is worth a try! (:

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I'll try to write some more things like it in the near future (:


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