Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mafia Drinks Moscato

Sometimes everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly; you want to stay in Grand Rapids for the summer, you have a friend who needs a subleaser, and on top of that she knows a place that you could easily get hired for the summer. Boom. Done.

Sometimes you find out later that her lease ends 2 weeks before your lease in your townhouse for the next school year starts.

Sometimes you are so freaking unbelievably grateful for awesome friends with open couches.

Joe and I spent the weekend packing up our life and moving it to it's temporary new home in the corner of our friend Kevin's living room (shout out to Kevin and Andrew for being the most fantastic human beings). 

The move took up most all of the weekend, so needless to say I am pretty bummed about being back at work today. But luckily I have tomorrow off to actually relax. Probably. And on the plus side, I was so busy packing and cleaning that I did not have time to spend online crying over pictures from yet another San Diego Comic Con that I was not able to attend.

After all the moving drama was over with some friends came over for wine night, and that was a blast. I think everyone who came brought a bottle of wine so there was plenty to go around. And go around it did.

(The lighting wasn't great last night so I couldn't get any good pictures. So I'm cheating a bit.)

Nikki and I attempted to swing dance in the living room (I'm not very good). We jumped from one philosophical conversation to the next, each one only got more intense with every bottle we opened. And finally, there was a very long, very intense game of Mafia that ended with Kevin dubbing me the best liar in the room (Seriously though, winning that game was a crowning achievement for me. I wish you could have seen it. Nikki was so angry. It was beautiful.) 

I am definitely looking forward to being able to move into our townhouse; I like having my own room and my own space and being surrounded by my own things. But I think staying with Kevin and Andrew for the next 2 weeks is going to a lot of fun, and I definitely think it is going to yield some interesting blog posts. It is just going to be the longest sleep over ever. With wine. What more could you want out of summer, right? 

Have you ever had to couch surf with some friends? Did you get any interesting stories out of it? And did you do anything fun this weekend? Lets chat in the comments!  


  1. Ahh mafia sounds like such a fun game never played it before! win with friends cures everything :') I had work this weekend, but my cousin came over for a BBQ :D she's just moved over from ireland so i'm super excited that she's here! xo

    1. It was a blast! The wiki page actually adds a role that we didn't use. The bartender or something? I can't remember. But we only played with Detective, Mafia, Medic, and Townspeople.

      Work is no fun but the BBQ sounds like a great time! And how cool! You guys should get some friends together at play a round of mafia ;) haha


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