Friday, August 1, 2014

Final Countdown: Summer Edition


It's already August! I feel like the summer has just flown by. But, summer is not quite over yet, and there a few more things I have to look forward to before school work completely takes over my life once more.

1. Going to Cedar Point with my darling Kelsey

Earlier this summer I won 2 free tickets to Cedar Point! Kelsey and I have planned on going about 3 times already, but stuff keeps getting in the way. But we definitely have to go this month, one way or another. I haven't been since high school, and they've added a new roller coaster since then, so I am super excited to finally spend a day riding the rails!

2. Reading a few more books

I always have a hard time reading for fun once classes start. Being an English/History major means a whole lot of reading for class, so it is hard to find time or motivation to read anything else. There are a few more books I'd like to read before the summer runs out, and I wouldn't mind making it a bit further into A Clash of Kings either.

3. Trying the infamous Stella's burger

On Wednesday I wrote about the amazing night my friends and I had at Stella's Lounge. Apparently Stella's makes the best burger around, but I didn't get the chance to try it, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about!

4. Moving into my townhouse

I am of course immensely appreciate Kevin for being so fantastic and letting Joe and I crash in his living room for the next couple weeks, and it has been quite a lot of fun so far. But there is just nothing quite like having your own room with your own things, you know? I am really looking forward to moving into our townhouse and getting to set up my room for the new school year.

5. Laying out under the sun to write

Probably my favorite thing about summer is being able to just lay outside under the sun. I love sitting outside; it is just so relaxing, and I feel so much better when I can feel the sun on my skin. I hate winter because I am always stuck inside and it is usually so dark and gloomy out. I want to take advantage of the sunny weeks I have left. And of course I can sit outside and do homework the first month or two of classes, but that is just not the same as sitting out and letting my imagination take over.


  1. I wish i lived in the USA! Sounds so much fun! :) I love your plans! Enjoy writing!

    1. Haha it is funny you say that because I spend most of my time wishing I live across the pond! We should trade next summer. ;) There are definitely some things I'd like to see here, though too. I have not actually been to most of the USA even though I've lived here my whole life. It's just too big!

      Thanks so much! I definitely will. Gotta make this last month count (:

  2. Ahh haven't been on a roller coaster in agggesss! Dying to go to a theme park again sometime soon! I'm the same as you - love the sun, and feeling it heat up my skin and being outside. I love the idea of winter, the winter in films and books, real life winter is just wet and drizzly :( xo

    1. I'm so excited to go! It has been quite a few years for me- waay too long! And I feel the exact same way! Movies and books make the winter sound so magical and it like tricks you into thinking maybe it won't really be that bad, but it always is. Plus I live in Michigan so we get it about 1000x worse than most the rest of the country. Lucky me...

  3. I know that feeling. I just went to Kennywood yesterday for the first time in six years. I had a blast. Enjoy the day at Cedar Point. I have to get there again some time soon.

    And good luck with moving.

    1. I had to look that up because I've never heard of it before, but it looks like a blast! Other than Cedar Point and Disney World I've only been to a couple of Six Flags. And none of them recently. It is definitely a trip overdue.

      Thanks so much. Most of our stuff is already in the garage at the new place, so that at least will be much easier next time, Unpacking everything on the other hand, that will take some motivation, haha.

  4. I know what you mean about the reading. I read a lot for uni and completely lost my interest in reading for fun by the time I had finished. I still read a lot for my job too so I'm still stuck for any passion to read. It's a shame, but I'm starting to come to terms that I'm just not the reading type.

    ~ K

    1. I've definitely never lost interest. As soon as school is over that is the first thing I'm looking forward to. But sometimes during the school year I just can't stand to stare at a page for a minute longer than necessary. My Netflix account takes its place, haha. I'm hoping maybe I can be better about it this year though.

      It definitely sucks when something you're required to do takes the fun out of something you used to love; I'm sorry :(


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