Friday, November 28, 2014

A List of Thanks

  1. For the peace of mind that comes with knowing my friends and family are safe, especially when so many are not. 
  2. For being able to spend the holidays with my family.
  3. For the fantastic albeit overpriced education I am nonetheless lucky to be receiving.
  4. For my Mom's sinfully good mashed potatoes.
  5. For every book on my ever growing shelves.
  6. For a job that I love and the amazing family it has given me.
  7. For the love and support of an absolutely amazing guy for nearly 5 years.
  8. For the love and gross snapchats of a crazy, sassy, absurdly awesome best friend for literally my entire life.
  9. For Friends marathons with my Mom even though we've seen every episode a thousand times.
  10. For the ability to be a part of amazing online communities like Nerdfighteria, the blogging community, and soon (hopefully) the Youtube community.
  11. And finally, for all of you who are sharing this journey with me.

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