Wednesday, December 17, 2014

L.A. Colors Sweet Eye Shadow Palette ♥

One of the best things about being an Ipsy subscriber are the awesome deals you get sent to your email every Tuesday and Thursday. A couple of weeks ago they were offering a deal I simply could not pass up; an L.A. Colors eye makeup set. I had been really wanting a eye palette with lighter nudes because I really only owned darks, so when I saw the Sweet palette I knew I had to have it.

I cannot express enough how in love I am with this palette! I love shimmery shadows because of how much they make my eyes pop. If you are more of a matte person then this probably is not for you, because when I say shimmer I mean shimmer. Personally I love a good shine over my eyes so this is absolutely perfect. You get a good array of colors. Most nudes are just straight browns so I love that this one comes with a few extras; I am particularly in love with one of the green shades. It is absolutely gorgeous.

 The pigments of the shadows really are incredible, even without the eye primer. The samples below are without primer. I only sampled a few of the colors for this post, because there are just too many to show them all, but rest assured they are all amazing. I also discovered that the shadows are somewhat water resistant, because I didn't have any remover on hand and it took some serious work to get that off my arm.

My camera blurred the black unfortunately, but there is a subtle shimmer to it as well. Really, really excellent for blended-smokey looks. The third same from the left is one of my absolute favorites so far. It is a green in the palette, it comes out that really  gorgeous green-gold and I seriously cannot get enough. I also have been using the copper color on the right quite a bit as a base.

Long story short I'm basically obsessed with this palette. Definitely my new favorite and a steal at the price I got it for from Ipsy. If you've been looking for a nude palette with some flair to add to your collection, you cannot go wrong with the L.A. Colors Sweet Palette.

Interested in joining Ipsy yourself? Use my referral link! Only $10 a month for beauty samples delivered to your doorstep and awesome deals like this in your email every (I believe) Tuesday and Thursday. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Do you love this palette as much as I do? Or do you have any other palettes I should look into? Let me know in the comments!

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