Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Very Exciting Moment in My Life

Today was kind of a cool day for me. Today, for the first time in I don't know how long, I skipped the foundation step of my makeup routine because my skin is clear enough that it is not entirely necessary. Instead I just brushed on a little blush, did my eye makeup, and called it good. And seriously that felt so, so good.

Normally if I am pressed for time in the morning and I have to cut my routine short the one thing I make sure to fit in is my foundation and cover up. I feel so self conscious going out without having done my foundation because I always have a break out somewhere. So many freaking times I have come so close to getting my skin completely clear only to have a patch break out along my chin or forehead over night. Seriously. So to be able to happily go out without feeling the need to do my foundation this morning was such a great feeling for me. Plus it cut my morning routine basically in half.

I apologize because I know this isn't the greatest picture, but the lighting was driving me mad and I just gave up. But still there is zero touching up and zero cover up on my face in this picture. NONE. ZILCH.

I'll probably do a post a little later about what I've changed that (I think) led to me finally getting my skin cleared up so nicely, but right now this is just a celebratory post. Because I am so happy, friends. 

Short post today. I am hoping to eventually get to a point where I'm writing my posts the day before and scheduling them, but for right now I hope you can all forgive my 11pm posts! Thanks for taking 2 minutes to celebrate with me (: 

*Update: You can read my flawless skin in three steps post here!*

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