Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Break in Review

Hey everyone! I know I was pretty inconsistent over my winter break, but I promise I have a totally acceptable explanation. Break has been pretty busy and there have been a ton of blogworthy moments, and rather than posting about them all separately I've decided to put them all into one big masterpost.

5 Year Anniversary with Joe 

On December 29 I celebrated 5 amazing years with my best friend. FIVE YEARS. That's half a decade, people. Crazy right?

We started the day by decorating a gingerbread house, dabbing each other's faces with frosting and munching on the little candy balls as they rolled across the table. The kit came with instructions for a few different designs, which we immediately tossed aside because where is the fun in that?

After house decorating we went to see Into The Woods which was nothing like we expected, but was oh so good. We had no idea it was originally a stage show, but everything made much more sense after we found out. Prince Chris Pine alone makes the movie worth seeing- he reminded us a lot of Nathan Fillion; just us? Well anyway, we laughed our asses off. Definitely a fun movie for date night!

After the movie we went to Red Robin's for dinner, which has become a bit of a tradition of ours. If you've never been you need to mapquest yourself to the nearest one ASAP. The onion rings alone make every trip worth while.

Sometimes it's hard to believe we've been together that long, but I certainly would not change a thing. Joe is such a blessing in my life and I consider myself very, very lucky to have found just a fantastic guy to spend my days with. I cannot wait to see what year 6 has in store for us!

Getting my Driver's License

This is the big reason I was such a terrible blogger the past few weeks: I spent a good majority of my winter break in the car with my step-dad getting ready to take my driver's test. Because I am 21 years old and it was time I  got my life together, don'tcha think? I really want someone to draw me in the style of the Scott Pilgrim comics with "KATIE CONIGLIARO GETS IT TOGETHER" written beside it. Anyone? Well anyway, I passed! And I am now the proud and excited owner of a 2006 KIA Sportage thanks to my Dad.

Of course then a lake effect snowstorm happened, so that car of mine will probably be spending a good portion of the near future in the parking lot.

Seriously though, this is so huge for me. I have had such terrible anxiety the past year or so over not having my license, and living on my own over this past summer and never being able to get anywhere really made me desperate to get my license and a car as soon as possible. And I am so, so happy that I finally did. It was a rather stressful winter break, but it was totally worth it.

Winter break was more than just these 2 events of course- I got to hang out with my family and spend some time with my ADORABLE new nephew and oh my god you guys he is the most precious little ham- but these are the major blog worthy moments, and the only ones I really have pictures of. It was a busy break to be sure, and I'm bummed to be back in class, but I think I can safely stay I've started the new year off right.

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