Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals ♥

I really cannot believe it is February already! Hopefully the rest of this semester goes by as quickly as the first month did!

My goals for January went well enough. Did not quite manage to post 3 times every single week, but I stayed fairly consistent all the same I think. Still have yet to start my Youtube channel as things got a little crazier at the beginning of the semester than I had expected. Okay actually looking at my January goals post they did not go well at all. The only thing I can say I really accomplished was getting my research proposal submitted in time. But I mean if I had to pick one goal to have worked out it would have been that one. I also did yoga at minimum twice every week, so that's not so bad!

I can also say that my resolutions have been going really well. I've been eating healthier, avoiding pop, and drinking much more water. And I've already seen some fantastic results in my skin. You can read all about that here.

Hopefully February will be more successful. I feel like I've fallen into my schedule by now so I should be able to manage my time better this month.

February Goals

1. Make A Budget - AKA Stop Buying Shit
2. Do Yoga 3 Times a Week
3. Start my Youtube Channel
4. No Homework Weekends
5. Choose Capstone Paper Topic and Start Research
6. Blog at Least 3 Days Every Week
7. Read at least 2 Non-Class Books
8. Do Laundry Regularly
9, Try to be in Bed by 9pm on School Nights
10. Get Up Early - 530-6am on Weekdays; 7-8am on Weekends
11. Journal at Least Once a Week

As you can tell from the picture I've started writing my monthly and daily goals down in a journal that I got for Christmas. I'm hoping that having the written down and in front of my regularly will help me stick to them better.

How did your January goals go? Do you have any goals for this month? 

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