Saturday, February 7, 2015

President's Ball 2015 ♥

Every February my university holds a big party called President's Ball. It is basically college prom except less expensive and everyone just wears clothes they already own because we're all broke ass college students. It is something I look forward to ever year. This was mine and Joe's fourth President's Ball together and we had a blast!

The theme this year was "The Grand Gatsby" (I go to Grand Valley State University; they think they're clever) and I was so excited when it got announced because I knew this dress would be perfect for it. I bought it on sale at Khol's back in November and had just been waiting for an excuse to wear it!

And of course it wouldn't be President's Ball without Joe being goofy in what would have otherwise been a really adorable picture. Okay it is still adorable, but I seriously cannot take pictures of us without him doing something like this. Part of his charm <3

I took a quick pictures of my the shoes I wore since they did not make it into any of the pictures. We were running late and didn't have time for full shots before we left and by time I remembered I had my camera I had already ditched the heels. 

The DJ was less than fantastic as usual (tangent: we need to have a serious conversation about how much bass is really necessary in any given song because I am so NOT all about that bass), but we got a few good songs. He slow did slow down Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off," which was completely unacceptable. Especially because he kept speeding up everything else (tangent 2: sped up Maroon 5 sounds eerily similar to singing chipmunks). And of course we walked out the second "Blurred Lines" came on because that song should never have even seen the light of day. But even with a less than fantastic DJ, having as fantastic a date as mine made it an amazing evening <3

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