Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm Back!

Holy crap I've been gone a long time. Really sorry about that. School and things happened. It has been an insane few weeks. So freaking much has happened during my not-so-short blogging hiatus, so I thought I would make my shining reappearance with a quick list of updates post.

1. New Jobs

In the time I've been away I've started not one, but TWO new jobs. I am currently working as a sales associate at JcPenney and as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. Guys. I got a job in a bookstore. Do you even realize the dream fulfillment that entails? I also successfully managed to get myself employee discounts on the two things I spend most of my money on: books and makeup. Barnes and Noble employees get 30% most books, and on top of that I'm allowed to checkout hardcovers from the store. And my 25% off JcPenney associate discount extends to the Sephora inside the store! Dangerous, right?

2. I Chopped All my Hair Off

I had a birthday in the time I've been away and for some reason I just had this huge urge to do something different, to make some sort of change for year 22. I go back and forth about cutting my hair constantly, and decided that at some point I was just going to have to do it so I would know if I hated it or not.

Plot Twist: I'm kind of in love with it.

(I may or may not have also chosen to do it for my birthday so I could make a Pokemon joke about Katies evolving at level 22. Maybe.)

3. New Apartment

For the past two (school) years, Joe and I lived with two other roommates in a four bedroom townhouse near campus. Well, those roommates graduated this year, and we knew we definitely did not want new ones, so we decided to move into a one bedroom apartment for our last year at GV. And oh my gosh do we love this place. We moved in last week and are just in love. It is a brand new apartment- the rest of the complex is still being built- so all the appliances are brand new and beautiful and high energy efficient. And even better, this place isn't geared specifically towards college students, so hopefully there won't be too many moving in at the start of the semester. After this past semester, we are pretty over living around other college students.

Quite a bit for just over a month, right? But things are finally settling into a semblance of normalcy, which means I have every intention of making my return to blogging official with this post. I am also really hoping to get that damn Youtube channel up and running soon, but I have a few odds and ends to work out still before I can really get that started.

I also feel like I've been neglecting the nerdy side of me on this blog, which to be honest is like 98% of me, so I am really hoping to pull that back into my posts this summer. I'll keep doing makeup posts and stuff like that, but I'll also be talking about more books and video games and all the other nerdy things that I spend my time doing.

Huge thanks to everyone who stuck around and did not hit that little unfollow button in the time I've been away. Much appreciated! I'm really happy to finally be back!

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