Monday, May 18, 2015

Thoughts on Splatoon After the Global Test Fire

On the weekend of May 9th, Nintendo held a global game demo for Splatoon, which is easily their most eagerly anticipated game at the moment. I have been beyond pumped for this game since last summer when they announced it at E3, so you can imagine my excitement when Nintendo announced the Global Test Fire. I rushed home from work that Saturday night to make it in time for the eleven to midnight demo, and after briefly fighting with the server a bit, I was customizing my inkling.

If I had to describe my brief experience playing Splatoon that night in one sentence it would be this: it was everything I hoped for and more.

I cannot express how badly I need this game in my life.

With Splatoon, Nintendo managed to take the old, well known and well played concept of a shooter game and turn it into something completely new and original. Rather than the primary goal being to kill members of the other team, as is customary in shooter games, your objective is to cover as much of the arena in your teams ink as possible. Of course there is nothing stopping you from turning your ink on other players; there is no better way to get them out of your way long enough to ink their territory.

Disclaimer: I suck at shooter games. I'm absolutely terrible. They stress me out and I end up rage quitting after three matches, so I've never played long enough to like, not suck. Splatoon, however, was totally different. Firstly because I actually found myself kicking ass, not to brag. But even when my team lost I was having way too much fun to care. I think part of what made it more fun and less frustration is that you normally can't tell who is winning until the game ends. There are no points showing you who is winning like in Call of Duty, only a map showing how much coverage each color has, and unless one team really dominates the other, it is pretty hard to tell who is winning most of the time. Plus the nature of the game makes it possible for things to turn around quickly, so there is never really that angry feeling of knowing you're playing a losing game. Plus, it is just really hard to be mad when you're splattering ink everywhere as an adorable squid girl.

I for one am going to be pre-ordering this game with this week's pay check. Splatoon finally releases on May 29, and I cannot wait to jump into the full version. Anyone else as excited about this game as I am?

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