Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I'm Looking Forward To: May 2015

Welcome to my new monthly series: What I'm Looking Forward To. At the beginning of every month I want to showcase anything big coming up that month- book releases, game releases, an event in my life, etc- that I am super excited about. 

Obviously it is not the beginning of the month. But I just came up with this idea and there are a few big things yet coming up in May, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to start now! Here is what I'm looking in the last week and a half of May 2015.

May 26: The Death Code by Lindsay Cummings Release

The Death Code is book 2 in The Murder Complex series. I absolutely devoured The Murder Complex last summer. I did not know it was book 1 in a series until I started getting close to the end and realized there was no way everything was going to be resolved in 50 pages. The ending is a huge cliff hanger and I cannot wait to finally find out what happens next.

I am not going to include a synopsis of the second book here so as not to spoil anyone who is interested but has not read the first one. If you want to know a bit more about this series you can read my review of the first book here!

May 29: Splatoon Release

I hope no one is gonna start boycotting my blog for my having mentioned this game twice in one week, but I just have a lot of feelings, okay? 

I have been absolutely freaking out over this game since Nintendo announced it at E3 last June. I knew from the announcement video that this was going to become one of my favorite games when it came out. Adorable squid girls + shooter game turned paintball + Nintendo's tendency to get things right constantly meant this game was pretty much guaranteed to kick ass. Then, a few weekends ago Nintendo held the Global Test Fire and we got to briefly test out the game in a live demo, and my love for the game was cemented before the end of the first match. It is just so original and fun and I need it in my life. I genuinely regret not taking a day of work to just play this after it comes out.

Okay so there are a grand total of 2 things left that I'm really looking forward to, but I liked the idea of the series and felt these deserved mentioning. Is there anything else this month that you're super excited about? Let me know!

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