Monday, June 8, 2015

Motivational Monday

Do you ever feel super insignificant and like nothing you do will ever really make a difference, because I do. When you are one person in a world of seven billion it can seem like everything is so big that nothing tiny little you could do would ever make an impact.

But here's the thing: what if everyone thought that way? What if every person in the world resigned themselves to being utterly insignificant and therefore never bothered trying to make a difference. Its like voting; so many people refuse to vote because they don't think their one vote will make a difference, but when tens of thousands of people have that same mentality, suddenly you have a pretty big voice missing from the equation, right?

Everything about society is made up. Seriously. Nothing about the way society functions is inherent. There is absolutely zero truth in the sentence "that's just the way things are." Things are the way they are because we decided to abide by those rules and boundaries. Society's only restrictions are what we put on it. That means if we want to change something, all it would take is people agreeing to change it. Easier said than done, sure. But it is so much better than sitting back and saying "that's just how it is." (Seriously I hate that phrase. Stop telling your children that. Its toxic and problematic and teaches kids that they are powerless against injustice; why would you want to tell your kid that? Just stop.)

It might be hard to make real, honest change in a world of seven billion people. But it is so much harder if you don't even bother to try. All the progress society has enjoyed has been because of determined, like-minded people coming together to make that change a reality. There is absolutely nothing stopping any of us from being one of them.

I leave you today with a video Hank Green posted to Vlogbrothers a few weeks ago. I think it sums up today's motivational thought pretty well. Go forth, future dead people, and change the world.

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