Monday, July 20, 2015

Book Cover Makeup Inspiration: A Thousand Pieces of You

I am a nerd of many passions, and if you've been hanging out on this blog for longer than 30 seconds you know that two of those passions are books and makeup. And awhile ago I was thinking, wow I would really love to find someone who does makeup looks based on book covers, like how freaking cool would that be?

But I couldn't find anyone. So I decided to try it out for myself, because amateur book cover makeup look is better than no book cover makeup looks, right?

I knew right away that the first cover I would try would be A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray, because it is just such a gorgeous cover. If you have not read this book yet I highly recommend to add it to your TBR list; I cannot wait for the second one! You can find my review of the book here!

I opted to stick to color inspiration, mainly because that is about as far as my current talent will allow. I'm neither a huge fan of nor am I particularly good at really bold eye makeup. I tend to stick to the type of makeup I would be willing to wear out in public, so it is nothing crazy, but I hope these end up being something fun anyway. And who knows, maybe as I keep going I'll branch out a little bit.

For this look I used:

What are your thoughts on both this look and this project in general? Would there be any interest in me trying out other book covers as well? And if so which ones? Let me know!

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