Monday, August 3, 2015

A Bit of Rambling into the Void

Do you ever have those days weeks where you just cannot seem to find the motivation to do anything?

Those days when your mind focuses more on all the reasons you totally won't be able to accomplish all those things you want to do instead of on what you should be doing today to get yourself a bit closer to those goals?

In order to be a writer you have to actually, like, write. But I just jump from one idea to the next, super excited about this or that story for all of ten days until something else pops into my head or, worse, I get bored of the last idea without any alternative to turn my attention to.

I just cannot seem to get myself to focus on anything productive lately. And I am hyper-aware that every day I am getting closer and closer to classes starting again and having no free time to write, and that at this rate I will have nothing to show for this whole summer that I was so determined I would spend writing. Something. Anything.

And even worse after this year, that's it. The real world is waiting for me at the end of these two semesters. I have less than a year left to get a foothold somewhere that will give me a decent starting point on a career path with no real lines to follow. I would really like to have somewhat established myself somewhere in someway that will make graduating a little less terrifying and my dreams a little more achievable.

So why can't I get myself to do anything?

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