Monday, August 31, 2015

A Fond Farewell: I've Moved!

Have you all been wondering where I went? Probably not. But for anyone who was, I can finally tell you.

I have officially moved to a self-hosted wordpress blog:!

I have been planning this move for awhile and I am super excited that it is finally official. I had really been struggling to blog here ever since I decided I was going to make the move, so I do apologize for disappearing like that. I had intended to start using the other site a few weeks ago, but as anyone who follows me on twitter will know, I had issues with bloglovin that took an absurd amount of time to get resolved.

Hopefully all of my bloglovin followers will be getting transferred over to the new site within the week, but you can also just pop over to the bloglovin page and follow me that way!

While I may be bias, I personally think my new site is just absolutely gorgeous and I am so excited to start blogging on it. I hope you'll all make the move with me and go check it out. And as some added incentive, I have a giveaway going on to celebrate moving to the new site! So please head over to and have a looksie!

Thanks so much to everyone who has kept up with me here at Paperback Planes. I've had a lovely year blogging here. But I was ready to move to something more permanent; so onward we go.

See you soon!

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