"We're all mad here..."

My name is Katie. I am a 21 year old student of stories just trying to find my place in the world. 

 I'm currently in my 4th year at Grand Valley State University where I study History and and English Literature. I spend my weekends watching Netflix and playing video games. Nothing drains my bank account faster than a trip to Barnes and Noble, and sometimes I just can't stop myself from stopping at Sephora on the way out. I believe education is the catalyst for progress and I strive to be a part of that whenever I can. All of these pieces come together her in my little corner of the internet.

I spent a lot of time stressing out over what I wanted this blog to be. I was always worried about making it too broad, or that people wouldn't be interested in reading about X or Y. I felt like I had to be a lifestyle blogger, or a book blogger, or an activism blogger; I felt like I had to pick one. I've finally decided, though, that I don't want to put  those restrictions on myself. This blog is mine, and I am all of those things put together and more. I am not one sided, so my blog should not be either. I am a geek of many passions and I refuse to choose only one. 

My favorite part of blogging is the community. I really love meeting people through blogging, so please feel free to connect with me be it through comments, twitter, tumblr, instagram, or even shooting me an email at paperbackplanes@gmail.com 


  1. Ohhh I agree with you so much about how important fiction is and how it reflects on real life. As I said in my Ms. Marvel review last weekend, I don't have a #YesAllWomen story, but I do have comic books... and movies, and novels, and stories in general. I decided to start showcasing that stuff on my blog in a bigger and more explicitly identified way. Reviewing all the Tinker Bell movies was part of it, and week after next I'm doing some recommendation lists. I wish it was easier to interact between Wordpress and Blogspot, but all the same, I'm really excited about this new blog you've got and I'll be following!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really excited about this so I'm happy someone else is too :) And yeah I'm planning on doing similar stuff as to what you did with the tinkerbell series with stuff too. :)

      And thank you for reminding me actually I meant to put another style of "follow' up for the wordpressers. Its frustrating how big of a pain it is, I agree.


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